The APAN 25th Meeting
Date: Jan 23-25, 2008
Venue: University of Hawaii, Hawaii USA

            The 25th APAN Meeting from January 23-25 is a vital cornerstone of TIP2008, the 3rd Techs in Paradise initiative, from January 20 to January 25, 2008 in Hawaii, USA. The overall 6-day TIP2008 program will highlight tutorials, workshops, oral presentations and demonstrations covering advanced network technologies and applications. APAN25 and TIP2008 will be plenty of opportunity to interact with researchers and practitioners from Asia-Pacific, the Americas and beyond.

            The APAN Meeting provides an advanced networking environment for the research and international collaborations. There will be plenty of opportunities to interact and explore in various fields such as Network Engineering, IPv6, Medical Workshops, e-Science, e-Culture, Global Collaborations, HDTV, Earth Monitoring, SIP, Lambda Networking, Middleware etc.

David Lassner
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