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17th APAN Meetings/Jt Techs Workshop



   Honolulu, USA


                      * Presentations are available on the program page (tgz format - 423MB).   

                      * For APAN Committee/WG meeting schedule, agenda, minutes and presentation  

                     materials,  please visit  APAN WG/Committee Meetings for a direct access


    The 17th APAN Meetings/Jt Techs Workshop was held in Honolulu, Hawaii on 2004.1.25-30 at Hawaii Imin  

   International Conference Center at the East-West Center on the campus of the University of Hawaii, Honolulu,  Hawaii at Manoa.


    Over 240 people with 130 more on Joint Tech Workshop participated the meeting to share information on advanced networking efforts, international connections, and applications.  





The 18th APAN Meetings/QUESTNet 2004 will be held in Cairn, Australia on 2004.7.2-7

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