Osaka University Suita Campus Map

1:Administration Bureau
2:Faculty of Human Sciences
3:Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
4:Research Institute for Microbial Diseases
5:nstitute for Protein Research
6:Faculty of Engineering
7:Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research
8:Low Temperature Center
9:Suita Branch Library
10:Institute of Laser Engineering
11:Computation Center
12:Institute of Social and Economic Research
13:Research Center for Ultra-High Voltage Electron Microscopy
14:Joining and Welding Research Institute
15:Research Center for Nuclear Physics
16:Faculty of Dentistry
17:Osaka University Dental Hospital
18:Education Center for Information Processing
19:Radioisotope Research Center
20:Institute for Molecular and Cellular Biology
21:Research Center for Superconducting Materials and Electronics
22:Faculty of Medicine
23:Osaka University Hospital
24:Life Sciences Branch Library
25:International Student Center
26:International Center for Biotechnology
27:Faculty of Medicine (Dept. of Allied Health Sciences)
28:Cooperative Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology
29:Venture Business Laboratory
30:Research Center for Environmantal Preservation
31:Center for Advanced Research Projects